Up, up and away with SanDisk and WD

One of the top projects for JET Services in 2017 is our all-round support of our clients SanDisk and WD at the IFA world fair in Berlin. The two leading storage media brands will appear on one stand together but visually as independent brands.

As such, we are designing and constructing for our client Western Digital Corporation a complex, two-storey exhibition stand. Packed with high-tech for product presentations, meeting rooms and even a lounge area as well as catering and a bar. It’s in a project of this scale that we do particularly well as a full-service agency. And it’s how you benefit directly from our 360-Degree service.

In order to conduct a trade show successfully, of course it’s not enough just to build a stand. Instead, it’s about organising the fair efficiently and effectively. We already achieve this upfront with our sophisticated online invitation management system.

To make the most effective use of the meeting rooms on the stand, it’s best to plan ahead with our in-house appointment booking tool. Of course, our clients also benefit from our expertise as a promotion agency. For SanDisk and WD we provide exactly the right trainers and promoters, who have many years of experience and especially the technical expertise. They are there to respond to questions from the public.

And what would a successful trade show be without an impressive evening event? JET Project Management also arranges everything here for a brilliant conclusion. A total of 450 invited guests will experience a perfectly organised and staged trade show party, which they will fondly remember for quite some time.

Take advantage of our experience as a full-service agency. And ensure your trade show event is in professional hands. Our 360-Degree service provides you with everything to make your exhibition successful and remarkable.





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